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A hypebeast can mean different things, it can be a compliment or it can have a negative meaning depending on how you use it. A Hypebeast is usually refered to someone who does not know much about the culture of the brand but will buy the product just because it is sought for and very "hyped" up on social media. On the contrary, a hypebeast could mean a good thing because if you are educated in what you wear people will respect your style of clothing and hypebeasts usually spend most of their money on high-end brands or designer brands for street wear.

Some examples of Designer Hip Brands Include:

These brands all vary in price but they are high end, top notch, and are winning the game as of right now. It is rare to find brands like this costing any less than $200 retail price. Retail price means what the product was sold for, naturally due to the limited amount of these authentic pieces of clothing it is hard for a common buyer to purchase one of these brands at a store so people then buy it for resale. Resale is the value someone buys it and then sells it online usually for a higher price because the clothes are usually sold out by then.